How to use the Weather Station

The system updates automatically approximately every minute

The Weather Page provides copy of live data information current at the ‘moment in time’ when you accessed the system. Wind speed fluctuates continuously and it must be understood that the instantaneous reading given on access might be anywhere between the maximum and minimum of the current wind speeds experienced at that time.

The Information page also provides temperature, wind chill, barometric pressure, humidity and daily, (midnight to midnight) rainfall information.

In order to obtain an accurate trend of current wind speed activity this reading should be used in conjunction with the Wind Section of the ‘Summary Chart’ by scrolling down the weather Page.

The Summary Chart Wind Section gives average wind speed over two minute and ten minute intervals plus Maximum gust speed over the last ten minutes. The Summary chart also provides more detailed information and trends for temperature, wind chill, barometric pressure, humidity and daily (midnight to midnight) rainfall information plus and electronically generated 12 hour forecast.

Units of measurement for data provided on this system are set for maritime use i.e. nautical miles per hour (knots) and Millibars of Pressure (mb).

Should you wish to convert winds speed to the Beaufort Scale or miles per hour and also observe the effects of wind on sea and land please visit our Beaufort Wind Scales Page in this section. Barometric Pressure is measured in millibars , (mb), a better understanding of barometric pressure effects on the weather can be obtained by visiting our ‘Understanding Barometric Pressure and Terminology’ page in this section. Safe Sailing