Rescue Info

  • Launch date: Sun 05 Jun 16
  • Time Launched: 14:00
  • Crew: Gemma Gill
    Pete Keating
  • Cause of Service: Vessel thought to be in trouble
  • Sea State: Calm (Glassy)
  • Wind Force: 2
  • Wind Direction: West
  • Casualty Type: Manual Pleasure Craft
  • Visibility: GOOD
  • Return Date: Sun 05 Jun
  • Time returned: 14:20
  • Lifeboat: Arancia 78

IRB self-launched to dinghy

Aberystwyth Inshore Rescue Boat (IRB) self-launched to a dinghy with 4 persons on board that appeared to be being blown across Aberystwyth harbour.

On arrival, the dinghy had managed to make it ashore, advice was given.


Coastguard then tasked the IRB to reports of another dinghy in trouble at Aberystwyth North Beach, advice was given.

While the IRB returned to the Station, the IRB assisted the first dinghy to make shore.