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4 rescued from cliffs at high tide (Video)

Aberystwyth and Borth RNLI lifeboats assisted in the rescue of four people from the cliffs near to Clarach aftern they became cut off by the tide in darkness on Wednesday 10 February.

The volunteer crew from Aberystwyth RNLI were first on scene in the area where four people were believed to have been cut off by the tide. They soon located the casualties waving a torch from a ledge they had climbed up to, three meters above the waterline whilst the tide had come in around them.

The lifeboat crews were able to direct the volunteer coastguard from Aberystwyth to the casualties’ location. Coastguard Rescue helicopter 936 was also tasked to assist and winched the four casualties to the top of the cliff, where they were checked for any injuries.

Aberystwyth RNLI volunteer crew member Paul McCann said: ‘The crew are glad that all the casualties were located safe and well. We would always recommend that people check out the tide tables before walking under the cliffs and make sure they have the right equipment with them. Particularly in light of recent weather conditions. If you see or hear anyone in trouble dial 999 and ask for the coastguard.'