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Aberystwyth and New Quay crews race to 5 people in the water after boat capsize

The RNLI volunteers from Aberystwyth and New Quay had to battle tough conditions to reach 5 rowers whose Celtic longboat had capsized off Aberaeron at approximately 6:30pm on Thursday 24 September.


The Aberystwyth inshore lifeboat Spirit of Friendship had just launched on exercise to practice rough weather handling, when HM Coastguard immediately tasked them to people in the water off the harbour entrance in Aberaeron.

The lifeboat quickly began to make its way South. With the volunteers from Aberystwyth facing  tough conditions in force four to five winds and going against the tide they requested the all-weather RNLI lifeboat from New Quay was also launched.

The New Quay lifeboat Frank and Lena Clifford of Stourbridge was launched at approximately 6:45pm
and was able to make good progress to Aberaeron. HM Coastguard advised them that they now believed that a Celtic longboat had capsized and its five occupants were in the water and in difficulty.

New Quay lifeboat arrived on scene first to discover that the casualties had managed to swim ashore and had been met by the local coastguard team. Within a few minutes they were joined by the Aberystwyth lifeboat and decided that it was unsafe to try and recover the boat which was being smashed against the rocks.

Tom Hunter a new trainee crew member from Aberystwyth lifeboat station was on his first rough weather training exercise and his first 'shout'. Tom said "It was a very lumpy sea and the boat was taking quite a pounding, but we knew people were in the water so getting there quickly was the priority. I was impressed with the crews professionalism when the shout came through and the helms boat handling skills, but overall just glad the casualties were safe and well. I'm feeling a bit sore today though"

Once it was clear that the casualties were safe the volunteers from Aberystwyth Lifeboat continued with their exercise and the all-weather RNLI lifeboat from New Quay returned to station

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