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Both Aberystwyth RNLI lifeboats launched to assist cliff faller

The volunteers of Aberystwyth RNLI were asked to locate and assist a male who had fallen down the cliffs south of Blaenplwyf at approximately 2.50pm on Tuesday 7 April 2015.

Both the RNLI lifeboats at Aberystwyth were quickly on scene and began to search the area for the faller. After locating the casualty on the beach, the smaller RNLI Arancia inshore rescue craft took three crew and all the medical equipment to the scene whilst the bigger Atlantic 85 Spirit of Friendship remained at sea to relay radio messages and guide in the other search teams from Aberystwyth Coastguard.

The crew members immediately started to administer first aid to the casualty on the beach and continued until the arrival of RAF rescue helicopter 122 with a paramedic onboard.

A second casualty was spotted near to the top of the cliff and after confirming they were not injured the crew informed them that a helicopter was on its way.

The volunteer RNLI crew assisted the paramedics whilst the helicopter winched the second casualty from the cliffs. After landing back on the beach the faller was taken to the helicopter and airlifted to hospital.