Rescue Info

  • Launch date: Thu 20 Jun 13
  • Time Launched: 19.07
  • Crew: Chris Ashman
    Dai Lloyd
  • Cause of Service: Stranding or grounding
  • Sea State: Smooth
  • Wind Force: 1
  • Wind Direction: Southwest
  • Casualty Type: Manual Pleasure Craft
  • Visibility: FAIR
  • Return Date: Thu 20 Jun
  • Time returned: 19.45
  • Lifeboat: Arancia 78

Rowing boat in difficulty

The crew were paged to assist a rowing boat that was stuck against a tree up the Rheidol river. The arancia was quickly launched and searched up river for the casualty which had been called in by a member of the public.

Once on scene it was clear the boat was stuck fast against the tree with the strong river current and it was decided to take the 4 occupants off and then return to recover the boat. All the occupants were wearing life jackets and were quickly taken ashore.

Once the 4 people had been safely taken off the boat and landed on the shore, the rowing boat being lighter was lifted higher into the trees and stuck fast. The decision was made to leave the rowing boat to be recovered at a later and lower state of the tide by the owners.