Rescue Info

  • Launch date: Tue 07 May 13
  • Time Launched: 13:52
  • Crew: Em Foot
    Pete Squires
    Sam Wallis
    Stuart Gill
  • Cause of Service: Vessel thought to be in trouble
  • Sea State: Smooth
  • Wind Force: 1
  • Wind Direction: West-southwest
  • Casualty Type: Manual Pleasure Craft
  • Visibility: GOOD
  • Return Date: Tue 07 May
  • Time returned: 14:05
  • Lifeboat: Spirit of Friendship
  • Tractor: Talus MBH
  • Tractor Crew: Dai Lloyd

Assisting Rubber Dinghy

Lifeboat was launched to assist a rubber dinghy off North Beach. Upon arrival the dingy was making its way back to shore where they were met by Coastguard. Boat was stood down and returned to station.


The crew were also paged at 17:20 to assist an inflatable but didnt lauch as casualty was safe ashore by the time crew arrived at the Lifebaot station.