Rescue Info

  • Launch date: Wed 03 Apr 13
  • Time Launched: 21:10
  • Crew: Chris Ashman
    Dai Lloyd
    Gemma Gill
    Nick Thompson
  • Cause of Service: Vessel thought to be in trouble
  • Sea State: Calm (Rippled)
  • Wind Force: 3
  • Wind Direction: North-northeast
  • Casualty Type: Power Pleasure Craft
  • Visibility: GOOD
  • Return Date: Wed 03 Apr
  • Time returned: 21:45
  • Lifeboat: Spirit of Friendship
  • Tractor: Talus MBH
  • Tractor Crew: Paul McCann

Take over Tow

New Quay Lifeboat was undertaking a tow of a sailing vessel to Aberystwyth. When 1 mile off Aberystwyth Lifeboat took over towing the vessel in to the harbour.