Rescue Info

  • Launch date: Sat 26 May 12
  • Time Launched: 13:48
  • Crew: Dai Lloyd
    Pete Keating
    Pete Squires
  • Sea State: Slight
  • Wind Force: 5
  • Wind Direction: East
  • Casualty Type: Manual Pleasure Craft
  • Visibility: GOOD
  • Return Date: Sat 26 May
  • Time returned: 14:05
  • Lifeboat: Spirit of Friendship
  • Tractor: Talus MBH

2 Inflatable Dinghy's Rescued

Lifeboat was tasked to rescue 2 inflatable dinghy's that were being blown out to sea near to Constitution hill.

The lifeboat quickly arrived on scene to find that the two boats and their occupants had been taken aboard a passing vessel which was concerned for the safety of the young occupants.

The lifeboat took both casualties and their inflatable aboard the lifeboat and took them back to Clarach from where they had launched. The wind had moved them quite a distance. Both occupants were fine, but a bit shaken by their ordeal and were very grateful to the lifeboat for coming to assist them.

Once safely landed ashore the lifeboat returned to station.