Rescue Info


Missing Swimmer

Report of a missing swimmer off the Glengower, so both lifeboats to carry out a search of the area. We were also joined by the HM Coastguard rescue helicopter from Caernarfon. After a thorough search, the casualty was identified and found safely ashore and we were stood down. The casualty later contacted the station to offer their apologies. He normally contacts the lifeguards to inform them where and for how long he will be swimming, but on this morning the lifeguards had not started work so was unable to do this. Whilst swimming he was stung by a jelly fish and whilst trying to remove it, its likely someone thought he was in trouble and raised the alarm. The casualty then left the sea before we arrived, which was not seen by the people who had rightly called it in. The call was a false alarm with good intent and we would always rather be called out in these situations than not. We are glad that everyone is OK.