Rescue Info


Broken down vessel with seasick occupants

The crew were launched to a broken down 16ft pleasure vessel, 7 miles South of Aberystwyth with a seasick person on board.

Once on scene the crew found 3 people onboard and took the unwell casualty onto the lifeboat and provided some first aid to relieve the seasickness. The boat was taken under tow and taken back to Aberystwyth. Due to the tide being so low it was not possible to bring the casualty vessel into the harbour so the decision was made to anchor the vessel and then bring it into the harbour when there was sufficient water.


The Arancia boat which had been taking part in an RNLI fun day at the National Library of Wales was requested to launch and take the unwell casualty and one other ashore, whilst the owner remained with their vessel. The unwell casualty was quickly taken ashore and required no further treatment.

A few hours later the boat was towed safely into the harbour and the lifeboat returned to station.

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