Gemma Gill

  • Position
    Tractor Driver
    Training Co-ordinator
    Flood Rescue Team
  • Start Date
    15 June 2001
  • Occupation
    Part time keyworker / Part time dinghy instructor

I joined the crew as I have always loved sailing and being on the sea, also I feel volunteering is a really important thing to do in life. I used to volunteer for riding for the disabled, when I started uni I wasn't able to keep that up so the RNLI replaced that. Volunteering for the RNLI is extremely time consuming, but massively rewarding. Helping save lives, being trusted to use the most advanced SAR technology in the world, and having a team of people who have become my most trusted friends and family. What's not to like! I plan to be involved in some capacity for the rest of my life, and who knows, as a sailor I might one day be on the other end of a rescue!