Rescue Info


Lifeboat assists dinghy and occupant

The lifeboat was asked to launch and search for missing dinghy as there were concerns over the occupants safety.

 Shortly after launching the lifeboat found the dinghy and the occupant who had entered the water to swim to shore.

A crew member was put into the water to ensure the casualty was OK and the Arancia lifeboat was requested to back up the Atlantic in the shallow waters. The casualty and crew member were soon ashore, and when the Arancia arrived it too went onto the  beach with its two crew members. 

The adrift dinghy was taken under tow by the harbour master who was in the area and took the boat back to the Marina.

After discussions with the casualty he was transferred to the Atlantic from the beach with the Arancia and both boats returned to the station. The casualty was given a shower to warm him up before he left the station.

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