Rescue Info


Launched to a grounded and damaged yacht

The crew were paged at 16:30 on the Wednesday to reports that a yacht had run aground near the harbour entrance and was possibly drifting towards rocks.

Both the Lifeboat and the Inshore Rescue Boat (IRB) was launched to assist. After liaising with the casualty vessel and putting a crewman aboard the vessel, it was determined that the vessel's machinery and steering was damaged. The vessel was at anchor and in no immediate danger, with the two occupants safe and well.


The decision was taken to wait until the tide was higher and there was more water in the harbour entrance for the Lifeboat to tow the vessel to a safe mooring in Aberystwyth harbour. This was accomplished at 19:00, with an alongside tow being quickly set up by the crew in the rough sea. Once the casualty vessel was secured on its mooring, the Lifeboat and the IRB returned to station to be recovered, cleaned and ready for service again by 20:00.