Rescue Info

  • Launch date: Sat 18 Apr 15
  • Time Launched: 23:30
  • Crew: Em Foot
    Gemma Gill
    Ian Brandreth
    Nick Thompson
  • Cause of Service: Vessel thought to be in trouble
  • Sea State: Calm (Rippled)
  • Wind Force: 1
  • Wind Direction: Northeast
  • Casualty Type: Unidentified/Distress
  • Visibility: GOOD
  • Return Date: Sun 19 Apr
  • Time returned: 00:10
  • Lifeboat: Spirit of Friendship
  • Tractor: Talus MBH
  • Tractor Crew: Paul Williams

Launched to reports of a red flare

Crew were paged after reports of a sighting of a red flare.

The Atlantic class lifeboat was quickly launched and began a search off South beach using its radar to try and identify any vessels in the area. It was quickly identified that Chinese lanterns had been released from the beach prior to the launch and so after an hour of searching the boat was stood down to a false alarm with good intent.