Rescue Info


Three people cut off by the tide

Aberystwyth Lifeboat and the IRB was tasked to three people cut off by the tide underneath Constitution Hill. Once on scene, two of the the casualties were on the beach with the third stuck on a ledge.

Three crew were landed ashore and started to speak to the causalities, minutes later the casualty who was stuck on the ledge lost his footing and slid down the cliff. The crew put their Casualty Care into action and assisted the casualty who had fallen; he was then extracted by the IRB as heavy fog was descending making an extraction by helicopter not possible. The casualty was taken to hospital and later released after suffering just bruising. The other casualties and crew were then also extracted by the IRB to Aberystwyth Lifeboat, both boats then made their way back to Aberystwyth harbour in heavy fog, using radar to navigate back.


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