Rescue Info

  • Launch date: Fri 16 Aug 13
  • Time Launched: 17:40
  • Crew: Nick Thompson
    Sam Wallis
    Sarah Carmichael
  • Sea State: Slight
  • Wind Force: 3
  • Wind Direction: South-southwest
  • Casualty Type: Manual Pleasure Craft
  • Visibility: GOOD
  • Return Date: Fri 16 Aug
  • Time returned: 18:06
  • Lifeboat: Arancia 78
  • Tractor: Trailer launch

Recovery of Para-sail

The lifeboat crew were paged to assist the coastguard cliff rescue team who were rescuing a paraglider who had been forced to land at the foot of constition hill, and had decided to leave his kit and climb out.

Whilst readying to launch the lifeboat was informed that cliff rescue team had safely recovered the casualty. There was then concern that the kit left at the bottom of the cliff by the paraglider may either be washed out to sea or spotted by a member of the public and either way cause further alarms later in the day.

The arancia was tasked to go ashore and recover the bag and parasail.