Rescue Info

  • Launch date: Mon 13 Aug 12
  • Time Launched: 13:11
  • Crew: Em Foot
    Gemma Gill
  • Cause of Service: Machinery failure
  • Sea State: Slight
  • Wind Force: 2
  • Wind Direction: Southwest
  • Casualty Type: Power Pleasure Craft
  • Return Date: Mon 13 Aug
  • Time returned: 13:20
  • Lifeboat: Arancia 75
  • Tractor: Trailer launch

Boat aground on South Beach

Aberystwyth RNLI lifeguards and volunteer lifeboat crew have this afternoon rescued three men from Staffordshire after their vessel suffered engine failure off the coast of Aberystwyth.

RNLI lifeguards Hannah Brand and Ricky Williams spotted the vessel in difficulty off Aberystwyth south beach at 1.10pm.

Hannah immediately radioed the Coastguard who requested the launch of the town's RNLI inshore lifeboat for assistance.  In the meantime, Ricky had paddled out on the rescue board to offer assistance.

By now the 15 foot vessel had drifted inshore and was being blown towards Castle Rock.  On arrival at the vessel Ricky was advised that one of the men was unable to swim. The gentleman, who is in his 60s, was assisted out of the boat and was taken back to shore by Ricky on the rescue board.

As Ricky returned to shore, Aberystwyth RNLI volunteer lifeboat crew had arrived at the scene with the station's Arancia lifeboat, where a second gentleman was assisted off the vessel and to the safety of the lifeboat.

RNLI lifeguard Ricky then returned out to the vessel on his rescue board where both he and the volunteer lifeboat crew assisted to steer and tow the vessel back to the safety of the beach.

Bob McCilan one of the men rescued thanked the RNLI for their assistance. He said:

'I can't thank the RNLI enough for what they did today.  Thankfully we're all fine, just a little wet, but things could have been very different if the RNLI weren't there.  We are all very grateful.

Mr McCilan and the other two men rescued showed their gratitude by visiting the lifeguard unit on the town's South Beach and making a donation to the RNLI charity.