Rescue Info


Boat with fouled prop

Lifeboat was tasked to go and assist a vessel from the harbour that had become fouled on a line.

The lifeboat quickly arrived on scene off Main beach where they found the casualty with his prop well and truly caught on a line. The assistant harbour master was also alongside and had tried to render assistance. One member of the Lifeboat crew went aboard to see if it could be freed from within the boat, but after this proved unsuccessful another crew member went into the water to cut the line free. After a short amount of time the pot buoy was cut free and the prop was clear.

The casualty engine started up fine, and they were able to make their own way back to the harbour under their own power. The lifeboat followed along and escorted them into the harbour in case the fouling had caused any other damage.

Once the boat was back on its moorings the lifeboat was released and returned to the station where it was recovered ready for the next shout.