Rescue Info


Yacht aground on Trap

The lifeboat was launched to assist a sailing yacht which had gone aground on Aberystwyth Trap, right outside the lifeboat station.  The yacht reported they had 3 people on board and were being pushed further aground by the weather.

The crew took the decision to launch both the Atlantic 85 Lifeboat as well as the Arancia lifeboat, with the original intention of using the Arancia to pass a tow line to the grounded yacht.  Once both lifeboats were on scene they were requested to take all the people off the vessel as soon as possible. The Arancia put a crew man aboard the stricken craft and made 3 trips between the yacht and lifeboat taking off a casualty each time.

Once all 3 people were off the yacht, they were returned to the harbour where they were checked over in the lifeboat station and warmed up. The crew on board set up a tow line which was transferred to the Atlantic lifeboat which then towed the vessel off the rocks and into the harbour where it was taken straight out of the water by the Marina so the damage could be assessed.