Rescue Info

  • Launch date: Mon 09 Jan 12
  • Time Launched: 19:31
  • Crew: Gemma Gill
    Paul Williams
  • Cause of Service: Person in danger of drowning
  • Sea State: Calm (Rippled)
  • Wind Force: 2
  • Wind Direction: West
  • Casualty Type: Persons in the Sea
  • Visibility: GOOD
  • Return Date: Mon 09 Jan
  • Lifeboat: Arancia 75
  • Tractor: Trailer launch

Man and dog rescued from harbour

MRCC requested launch of Lifeboat to assist a person who had jumped into the harbour to rescue his dog.

Arancia on trial at the Station was immediately launched and was quickly on the scene. One man and his dog were taken aboard and returned to the boathouse but although cold and wet no first aid treatment was required.