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Written by Paul McCann :: [Wednesday, 22 February 2012 11:59] [Monday, 20 May 2013 09:46]

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The new website is finally launched! It's been a long time coming and half of the features we have been working towards are still not fully finished but we thought we should launch with what we have so far....

We have gone for a soft launch of our new website, that means we kept it quiet and just launched without the normal fanfare. It's not a finished product, but you have been waiting long enough so I hope you like the new feel of the site. We picked today (22nd of Feb) as it matched our boats number B-822.

As you can see we are having a few teething troubles with the latest tweets module, amongst others it worked on our test server and our staging server but not when we went live! We should have something to show quite soon. We use 'tweeting' via twitter to keep everyone updated when we have a shout. So having them down the side of nearly every page will help to let you know what's going on during a shout as your looking around our site.

Currently we have migrated the history, 2012 shouts, boat details and added our brand new weather station, there's actually a lot more on the site, it's just not visible yet. We want to get all the old shouts on the site as soon as possible but it's a really long job copying and pasting them all into the new system. Although a number of crew members are busy doing just that so you should be able to see, search, filter and do a lot more with the shouts very soon. Take a look at the current shout page to see a small example of what we are offering.

One of the biggest changes is details to the shouts page, you will notice a lot more information as well as links to crew pages, the full crew details will be going live very soon but I need to make sure they all look pretty when taking pictures and to be honest that's going to take a lot of work!

So to come over the next few weeks will be the following:

  • More shout details for the previous 5 years
  • Shout details going as far back as 1980's
  • Galleries, we have lots of pics to show you
  • Crew detail pages
  • Events diary
  • Shop details
  • More in-depth history
  • Ability to comment and leave feedback on articles
  • Tweets (even if it kills me I will get them working)
  • Video of the boat in action
This list is just the start, once we have comments installed I would love to get your feedback on what you want to see on the site.
Thanks for your patience in waiting for the new site, I will be adding latest updates to the news page as we add them so watch this space or twitter and facebook for updates.
Paul M

Update - We have got twitter working!